New AMTA 2019 Chapter Workshops

AMTA is excited to announce our 2019 chapter workshops. Take advantage of this opportunity to gain experience and enhance your massage therapy skills. Learn from highly specialized instructors as they demonstrate advanced techniques and customized massage approaches for clients with specific needs.

New Chapter Workshops

2019 Chapter Workshops 

Techniques for Sports Massage Therapists (Hands-On)
8.5 CE credits

With a focus on utilizing critical thinking in client assessment, learn techniques, contraindications, session planning and other valuable information to take your sports massage career to the next level. Receive hands-on instruction and tips that will help you succeed in this specialty. NOTE: This is part of the AMTA/NCBTMB Sports Massage Specialty Certificate program.

Indianapolis, Indiana: Pre-Convention Workshop, Wednesday, October 23 with John Combe »

Waldo, Wisconsin: Saturday, November 9 with Jarrod Fritz »

Fundamentals of Fascial Therapy (Hands-On)
8 CE credits

Take a look at practical applications of fascial therapy. Explore various styles, techniques and philosophies of fascial therapy, along with the physiological responses to the techniques. NOTE: This is part of an in-depth AMTA Fascial Therapy CE program.

Bristol, Connecticut: July 27 with Pete Pfannerstill »

Self-care Skills with Robin Anderson
4 CE credits 

Explore how scientific concepts of physics and ergonomics play an important role in body mechanics from a kinesthetic sense, but also with establishing healthy habits and solid boundaries.

Twin Cities, Minnesota: May 18 – Registration link to come soon.

In Safe Hands: Clients with Diabetes with Julie Goodwin 

2 CE credits

Review the types, risks, symptoms, treatment and complications of diabetes, including its effects on pregnancies and the complementary adjunct therapies available. Learn methods to successfully expand your massage therapy practice to include clients with diabetes.

Chicago, Illinois: April 28, 2019 »

Midland, Michigan: May 18, 2019 »

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