Get an Extreme Makeover of Your AMTA Free Website Design

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Get an Extreme Makeover for your AMTA member Website

BodyworkSites is proud to announce their brand-new service: An Extreme Makeover of your AMTA Free Website from one of their own award-winning designers.

Have you ever wished your AMTA Free Website wasn’t limited to only 12 designs?

For the first time ever, BodyworkSites is making it possible for you to change your Free Website’s design to anything you want – and they’ll even help you do it.

BodyworkSites will customize your website to your unique personality and energy, giving you confidence every single time you send somebody to your site.  

What You’ll Get

One of BodyworkSites absolute best designers will give you your Free Website:

  • A brand-new site background photo (you can upload your own photo – or choose one of the 50 photos in our professional Massage+Nature Gallery)
  • A new color scheme (optional)
  • All new fonts (optional)

Quick Steps to Get Started

  1. Log in or sign up here
  2. Our “Design Wizard” helps you clarify your site’s new background photo
  3. BodyworkSites picks new colors and fonts that match your new background
  4. You approve the new design
  5. Your new “look” is launched to the whole world
  6. BodyworkSites emails your new site background photo to you (so you can use it on your business cards, flyers, etc.)

After your newly-designed site launches, you’ll still be able to change your site’s colors and fonts anytime you feel like it. 

Note, you will not be able to change your site’s background photo after we launch since that feature is only available with our upgraded website packages:

AMTA Discount

As an AMTA member, you get the Extreme Website Makeover service for a total of $95.00. That’s a $400.00 savings off BodyworkSites non-AMTA pricing of $495.


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